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Spring & Summer Exchange


Welcome to the Curricula Exchange, the Home Education Marketplace.


Created by home educators, for home educators and classical schools, Curricula Exchange is The Home Education Marketplace which serves you to meet your unique curricula and supplies needs as a home educator.


This provides a place for you to find, easily buy, list, and sell your classic, twaddle free books, high quality curricula, and educational aids and supplies.


The marketplace provides opportunity for you to:


-receive money on what you no longer need,

-make space for what you do need,

-to support other educators like you, and

-help you attain educational materials you need



Items must meet a category listed and either pre-owned and you are reselling or must be made/published by you. It also must meet our criteria for Classical including Charlotte Mason education.





Next Steps:


So when you are ready, the next simple steps to get started:


Creating an account:


1.         Set up an account on the marketplace, which will link your PayPal account.


2.         If you don't have a PayPal account, it will help you set one up. Tip: PayPal and Curricula Exchange accounts can take a few days to process, so we don't recommend waiting until you are ready to buy to set it up.


3.         Search and add books to your cart, or begin listing once a Curricula Exchange admin has validated your account.


Buyers set up a basic account, and sellers set up a very similar account to be able to list items. There isn't a lot of difference between the basic account and seller account.


A seller account gives you the option to list your items and also see which items have sold, track your sales, your best sellers, and the number of views you have per item by day, week, or month and other stats, whether you list a little or a large volume.



If you may possibly list anything in the future, we suggest just setting up a seller account.





Selling your items is simple.


After creating an account, connecting or setting up your PayPal account, and being approved of as a seller:


1.         Upload clear, bright picture(s) of the item(s).

2.         Fill in the description. (Be mindful of copyright laws when reselling.)

3.         Select the condition and other notations.

4.         Enter the selling and shipping price.

5.         Get paid for your items!* Leave good feedback reviews to buyers when satisfied with your transactions!





When will you be hosting Curricula Exchange's National Curricula Swap next?


You can shop and sell all throughout the year on the Curricula Exchange.


National Fall Curricula Swap is the three day nationally advertised shop and sell on curriculaexchange.com. This is an exciting and great time to shop due to the higher availability of items for buying and buyers for selling as well as extra savings!


These are hosted two to three times per year usually in July, January, and April. Our next date is TBA, so get your items ready to sell and list, your account set up, finalize your list of items you are looking to find. See details in the last section of this page.


Does it cost the buyer to purchase items on the Curricula Exchange?


There is no charge to buyers by Curricula Exchange for purchasing items.


You are only responsible for other related charges related to the purchase including taxes, shipping, and customs if applicable, and not limited to charges invoiced by the seller, freight forwarders, or by the tax authorities if applicable. Leave good feedback reviews for sellers when satisfied with your transactions!


Does Curricula Exchange charge listing fees or subscription fees?


There are no charges for listing fees or subscription fees, so you can list as many item as you like for as long as you like. Also, you know upfront exactly how much your transactions will cost instead of mysterious and miscellaneous fees trickled through the process.


PayPal, a third party payment manager, charges a small transaction fee for each transaction made. Curricula Exchange is a user supported marketplace. A marketplace transaction is 1%, and PayPal's fee is 2.9% + $.30. This allows for an exclusive home educator marketplace and secure transactions for you with protection against fraud. Contact us if you have an education related business to sell your items.



For more about FAQs and information about buying and/or selling*, you can go to the FAQs page.


For questions about expectations of buyers and sellers, see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.


For information about returns and exchanges, see the Return Policy.




Contact Us


We like hearing from you! We are also always looking for ways to help you further. If you have an idea or suggestion or just want to say hello, email us at admin@curriculaexchange.com


Exchanges must be worked out with the seller. In the rare instance of a need for a claim after all measures have been exhausted to settle the matter between buyer and seller, read PayPal's policies and contact them here.


Bloggers, media, businesses, sponsors, and advertising, send inquiries to: admin@curriculaexchange.com






Spring & Summer Curricula Exchange


Time to list your books and curricula for sale on curriculaexchange.com!


Earn extra money back from your books you no longer need and have extra savings off buying curricula and items you need for next semester.


This is an exciting and great time to shop due to the higher availability of items for finding the items you are looking to buy, and there is a higher number of buyers for selling your items.


Make an account here at www.CurriculaExchange.com and begin listing your items today.